Swedish Lapland

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Swedish Lapland during the enchanting fall season. My collaboration with this captivating region, alongside a group of fellow photographers, led us on an awe-inspiring journey to capture the often-overlooked in-between season. Our experiences were nothing short of extraordinary, from sleeping high above the forest floor at the Tree Hotel to spending nights in the crystalline chambers of the Ice Hotel. Witnessing the early appearance of the Northern Lights in the fall sky left us truly breathless.

Our adventure in Swedish Lapland was a rich immersion into local culture and traditions. We savored traditional cuisine, awakening our senses to the flavors of Lapland. Wildlife encounters, including reindeer safaris, brought us close to the natural wonders of the North. Swedish Lapland in autumn is a tapestry of colors and a journey into the heart of one of the world's most captivating destinations. Join me in celebrating this mesmerizing adventure, where every moment was a glimpse into the magic of Swedish Lapland.

DATE: MARCH 2019 & MAY 2021