My collaboration with Roadsurfer led me to the stunning Spanish Badlands in Northern Spain, where we highlighted the versatility of the Road House Fiat Ducato option. This adventure combined mobility and creativity, as I had the privilege of testing and experiencing the vehicle in action. The result was a collection of inspiring visuals that celebrated the freedom and adventure of life on the road. This collaboration allowed me to merge my passion for travel and visual storytelling, capturing the essence of Roadsurfer's nomadic lifestyle and inspiring others to embark on epic road journeys of their own, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

"I love road trips - Think I've learned more on road trips then I've learned just about anywhere else in life. Its like a classroom, its like an office, it's a place where my memory catches up with me, its a place where I get far enough away from my past, but I am not worried about it. Something about that makes me not even worry about my damn future. I can be present, and all of the sudden my past and the future all makes hell more sense - road trips are so good for us"